Oregon Man Becomes Snow Day Lotto Winner

When the weather outside is frightful there’s not much to do but have a snow day and maybe spend some time at home catching up on chores. This was the case for Joemel Panisa of Logsden, Oregon who was stuck at home in the snow last week.

As he couldn’t leave the house he decided to have a clear out and started with the office where he found an envelope containing a Mega Millions lottery ticket he had bought and forgotten about! After a quick check online the lottery player realised he had matched all the winning numbers without the Mega Ball, netting him a match 5 win of $1,000,000!

However, there wasn’t long to claim, the Mega Millions prize was going to expire just the following Tuesday so Panisa cashed in the ticket immediately and claimed his win!

Had the snowstorm not happened there’s a good chance this ticket would not have been found in time, so the inclement weather certainly proved lucky for this winner!

It really reiterates the point about treating lottery tickets like cash too. When you buy yours, keep them in a very safe place, sign the back, and check the results as soon as possible after the draw! Imagine if this player had checked this ticket a couple of weeks later? That would have been a $1,000,000 loss and completely devastating!

Congratulations to this lucky winner, who is far less likely to complain about the bad weather in future now that it’s netted him a $1,000,000 Mega Millions win!

In other Mega Millions news, the next jackpot takes place on Friday night and the top prize is $162,000,000 after a string of rollovers.

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