Woman Convicted of Murdering Lottery Winner Protests Innocence

Many people will remember the case of Dee Dee Moore, imprisoned in 2012 for murdering lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare. The case shook America as the $30,000,000 lottery winner was murdered in cold blood. Dee Dee was arrested in 2012, six years after Shakespeare went missing after his body was found under a slab behind her home and was sentenced to life without parole.

Now Channel 4 has filmed a documentary on Dee Dee Moore, in the style of Netflix’s Making a Murderer and in it, she protests her innocence. The Channel 4 docu, Women Who Kill takes a dramatised look at the case from all angles. Moore claims that Shakespeare was worth more to her alive than dead, but the American judicial system disagrees!

It was argued in court that Moore befriended Shakespeare a little after his lottery win. Overwhelmed by the sudden attention, the winner was struggling to cope and it was here that Moore stepped in to ‘help’. Slowly but surely Moore took control of his assets, first the BMW, then the house, then his money. After investigating the murder for a long time, Moore finally led police to the winner’s body in 2010 as part of an undercover sting.

Moore isn’t the only ‘woman who kills’ from the series, but many of them have something in common, in that many of them murdered millionaires, showing that a substantial financial win can come with more dangers than you’d first think!

The Channel 4 show aired on February 1st and you can watch on catch up and decide for yourself whether Dee Dee Moore is a callous killer who murdered Abraham Shakespeare for his lottery win.

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