Lottery Winner’s Son Sued Father for More Cash

A man who was given more than £1,600,000 by his father after a big EuroMillions win has had a claim for more cash thrown out by a judge.

Dave and Angie Dawes won £101,000,000 on the EuroMillions lottery back in 2011, becoming one of the biggest ever winners in the draw’s history. The couple are father and step-mother to Michael Dawes, 32 who has been given £1,600,000 by the couple since they won in 2011.

Within two years the cash had gone and now Michael Dawes has attempted to sue the couple, claiming they said ‘he would never have to worry about money again’ after the win. However, the judge hearing the case, Judge Nigel Gerald has dismissed the claim saying that Dave Dawes did not need to ‘keep bailing out his profligate son’ and agreeing that there was no basis for a rational human being to conclude that they could keep going back for money whenever they wanted.

The court heard that the first £1,000,000 given to Michael Dawes was spent within the month as Michael Dawes splashed the cash and quit a well paid IT job. At one point Dawes and his wife were spending £30,000 a month including £1,000 a week on groceries in what the judge called ‘some sort of Walter Mitty existence.’. By March 2013 the Dawes had agreed to pay off some of their son’s debts but made it clear there would be no more. Michael then demanded £5,000,000 more, accusing the couple of being arrogant and ungenerous of spirit.

The couple’s QC pointed out that in all the Dawes had been generous, giving £30,000,000 of their winnings to friends and family and setting up a charity.

The judge dismissed the claim.

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