Struggling Young Mother Scoops $40,000,000 Oz Lotto Prize

A young mother from Queensland is about to find life a lot easier after scooping an Oz Lotto jackpot worth a staggering $40,000,000! Right now the unnamed lady is in a spin, coming to terms with being the third biggest Oz Lotto winner this year, but she’s already formulating plans for what to do with the cash!

Although we don’t have the name of the winner, as the family wishes to remain anonymous, we do know she is from Cairns in Queensland, and we also know that she’ll be going through some major life changes with this massive jackpot!

With small children to support, life can be expensive but this win will mean the winner’s husband can reduce his working hours, spending more time with his growing family. First things first though, they are treating the entire family to a big holiday.

The winning numbers for Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw were 1, 35, 31, 19, 4, 13 and 26 – and the supplementary numbers were 25 and 37, and these numbers are worth $40,000,000 to this lucky winner!

Already this year, two players have collected Oz Lotto jackpots worth $50,000,000, making this lucky lady the third biggest winner of 2017 in Australia.

It’s not yet a week since the win and it’s likely to take some time for this family to adjust. However, what is certain is that life is about to become a lot easier for this struggling family as they come to terms with their new found fortune and make life changes accordingly!

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