Dundee Mum Carries £1,000,000 Ticket Around for Weeks

How many times have you bought an extra lottery ticket for a big draw, thrown it in your handbag and forgot about it? One lucky Dundee mum has just checked such a ticket to find it’s a £1,000,000 ticket!

Shaheen Akhtar from Dundee picked up a ticket when the EuroMillions jackpot was rolling over, as many of us did, tempted by the big jackpot. She popped that ticket in her handbag and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks later she spotted the ticket and checked the results, and while she didn’t get a big win on the main draw, she was the Millionaire Maker winner for the draw, netting £1,000,000!

The mum of three has been carrying around the ticket since the 12th April draw, but finally checked it last week. She rushed home to tell her family and now they are thrilled at the life changes they can make. As a stay at home mum, treats for the family can be few and far between but all that is about to change as now they’ll be able to move house, giving each of their children their own bedroom. The family is also planning a trip to Dubai, somewhere they always wanted to visit but couldn’t afford.

Shaheen bought her ticket from The Newsagents at Albert St, Dundee and is now in receipt of the prize but had she not remembered in time, the winner could have lost the prize forever!

If you do buy extra lottery tickets for big draws it’s important to remember where you put them, and to check the results as soon as possible after the draw. EuroMillions winners have 180 days to claim, but this winner was already almost 60 days into this!

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