Married Lottery Winner Used “Google Me” Chat up Line

A married lottery winner is the latest victim of what the media call ‘the EuroMillions curse’ after splitting with his wife. Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine won £41,000,000 on the EuroMillions back in 2012 but it’s thought the couple are now separated after Mr Bull’s philandering with mum of four Donna Desporte.

It’s said that the married Bull wooed Desporte in a bar in Tenerife with the line ‘Google me’ in reference to the news that he was worth £41,000,000. However, the married mum of four says that their relationship has also soured after nine months.

Gareth had separated from his wife when he jetted off to Tenerife and has now moved out of the family home. It’s said that he’s living in a cottage a couple of miles away from where Catherine still lives with the couple’s two teenage boys.

When the couple first won the EuroMillions back in 2012 they said they’d be the most boring EuroMillions couple of all time. Happily married they were only intended in buying new carpets and maybe splashing out for a new hairdo, but it seems that money changes things and it’s this that the press is putting down to the curse of the EuroMillions.

Those who follow the news are likely to be aware that the Bulls are hardly the first EuroMillions winners to find the win sends their lives into a spin. There’s a whole string of EuroMillions divorces scattered through the news pages, maybe proving that true love and true riches may not go hand in hand.

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