Californian Teen Wins Lottery Twice in One Week

Lottery wins, like lightning rarely strike twice but for one lucky Californian teenager, lady luck is sending firebolts. Nineteen year old Rosa Dominguez has become a double winner on the California Lottery, scooping two wins in a single week!

Rosa recently stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles in California on her drive home from Arizona and tried her luck with a few $5 scratchcards, to her surprise one of the cards revealed the top prize, a staggering $555,555! She could hardly believe her good fortune!

Riding her luck she decided to buy a few more cards a few days later, imagine her surprise when one of these tickets yielded $100,000, creating her second life changing win in just a few days!

Right now the teenager is still coming to terms with her win but says she hopes to use her winnings to treat herself to a shopping spree and a new car.

To win twice in a week is unusual but it’s not unheard of, this lucky teenager is one of several ‘freak winners’ who have smashed the odds and picked up more than one win. Earlier this year a Virginia couple scooped three lottery wins in a single week, just showing that if lady luck is shining on you, anything is possible!

Most of us would happily take one large lottery win and feel very lucky but right now Rosa Dominguez is one of the luckiest teenagers in the whole of America, scooping two life-changing wins in a week.

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