EuroMillions Winners Held by Masked Robbers

A UK lottery winner has been through a terrifying experience after masked robbers broke into his home. EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter and his partner Nicky Ottaway have spoken of their horror after masked raiders attempted to break into their £5,000,000 mansion.

The couple scooped £107,932,603, becoming the UK’s fourth biggest EuroMillions winners back in March 2014. A year later they moved into their £5,000,000 mansion in Cowden. Unlike many winners they’ve managed to mostly avoid the media glare, settling down to a quiet life, until last month when they were faced with this ordeal.

It was just after 11pm when Miss Ottaway spotted the men in the grounds of the couple’s home. When she approached them they fled in a 4×4. The police were called and the attempted break in sparked a helicopter search but no one was found or arrested.

Now Miss Ottaway has warned other residents to be on the look out for anything suspicious in the area.

It comes after the couple courted controversy last year, putting up barbed wire fences preventing villagers access to a path, but it seems their move to better security wasn’t unwarranted.

Lottery winners are thrust into a world they cannot imagine, and when a win is so well publicised, it does mean that those who have less good motives also find out how much money we have in the bank. Hopefully being almost caught will be a deterrent for the robbers but the couple are now likely to ramp up their home security even further.

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