Lottery Winner Diagnosed with “Case of Euphoria” After Collapse

The latest New Zealand lottery millionaire got more than he bargained for after winning the lottery, when the shock of the win made him quite ill. Lou Te Keeti was rushed to hospital last month when he collapsed, but it transpired that he had just seen that the jackpot win had been added to his bank account.

The lucky winner, who is in his 70s, saw all the zeroes on his bank balance but wanted to carry on as normal. He headed out to his local supermarket but then collapsed and was rushed to hospital with chest pains and heart palpitations. Doctors at the hospital could find nothing wrong and diagnosed the lucky winner with a “case of euphoria”.

It’s one of the more bizarre reactions to a lottery win that we have heard about, but thankfully Te Keeti is now fine and making decisions on what to do with his multi-million dollar lottery win.

Te Keeti and his wife Valerie live in Tauranga and have no plans to move as Valerie loves her hometown so much and loves to be around her family. This week the winner has made two donations to charities in the area, who are $200,000 richer thanks to his generosity. No doubt he’ll have plenty of other plans for his $10,000,000 New Zealand lottery win, especially now that he’s got over the initial shock of winning.

We’re sure that Lou Te Keeti is now thrilled with his win, but he must have been scared for a moment back there. Thankfully there’s nothing seriously wrong with the winner that getting over the shock couldn’t fix.

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