Canadian Man Scoops Second Big Lotto Prize

A lucky Canadian lottery player from Quebec has scooped a big lottery prize, and while that isn’t news in itself, the fact that he won previously, nine years ago makes this a lightning strikes twice kind of story.

The 69-year-old retiree, Jules Parent won the Loto Quebec last week. He’s naturally thrilled after scooping $1,220,000 in the draw but it’s not his first brush with good fortune. Back in 2008 he scooped $1,000,000 in a previous draw making him doubly lucky. The first win was on the Lotto 6/49, Canada’s principal lottery draw but wherever the cash came from, he must feel like the luckiest man in Canada right now.

He was thrilled with the first win but continued to play, the same amount as before, in the hope of another win. No one could expect to win two lottery jackpots in a lifetime, given the odds but that’s exactly what has happened to Jules Parent with two lottery wins in a single decade, the first in 2008 and the second just last week.

He says he plans to build a modern new home for himself, and continue his favourite pastimes, including walking. He also says not much will change and he’ll continue to play the lottery too, and intends to keep playing the same amount as he has always done?

Can lightning really strike the same place twice? Jules Parent certainly believes so, and who knows, he could scoop another win in the future and then he really would be the luckiest man in Canada. Watch this space!

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