British EuroMillions Winner Finally Steps Forward

The winner of the big EuroMillions rollover from 28th July EuroMillions jackpot has finally come forward after several appeals for the winner.

The final draw of July boasted a rollover jackpot worth a massive £51,000,000 after rolling for several draws. Hours after the draw, Camelot announced that the winning EuroMillions ticket was sold in the UK but no winner was forthcoming.

This week several media outlets in the UK have run appeals for the winner, urging players to check tickets as no one had come forward and yesterday it was announced that the winner had contacted lottery officials.

As yet Camelot aren’t releasing any details of the winner, including whether it was a single ticket or a syndicate, or where in the UK it was sold, at least until the winner decides whether to go public.

UK lottery winners have 180 days to claim prizes won, but the more time passes the more likely a prize will go unclaimed. This prize was finally claimed after nine days, but it’s unknown whether the winner has known since the draw, or only just checked the EuroMillions results. With the summer being the big holiday season, it’s not uncommon for prizes to go unclaimed for a few days, but luckily this £51,000,000 jackpot is on its way to the ticket holder now.

It’s been a pretty lucky year for EuroMillions winners so far, that was the fourth jackpot to be won in the UK this year and in June another lucky Brit scooped a massive £87,000,000 showing we’re still holding our own in the EuroMillions league table.

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