Huge Lotto Win for Tiny Irish Isle

If you want to stay anonymous as a lottery winner, it’s often easy to do so as we all live in such large communities. However, if you did still live in one of the few very small communities in the world, say on a tiny island, it may be a little harder to keep that win a secret as it would be likely to be big news!

This week the tiny Irish isle of Bere was shaken with the news that one of its residents has won a EuroMillions Plus prize of €500,000, and while this might not be news in a bigger city, with just 180 residents in Bere everyone is talking! What’s more, as yet no one knows who has won the €500,000 EuroMillions prize – except maybe the actual winner – and it’s creating quite the furore as the island is gripped with excitement.

The island’s post office sold the winning ticket and right now the Postmistress Ms Murphy is hot property as everyone is calling trying to find out who has won the prize. She has ruled herself out as the winner, so just 179 more people to rule out until the winner is found. Ms Murphy also confirmed that she had sold a couple of tickets to island visitors, but she says she’s sure the winner is a local and even indicated that she may privately know who bought the winning ticket.

It’s big news for the tiny isle, and big news for Ireland too as this was the country’s biggest EuroMillions winner for the Tuesday 19th September draw. The only other big Irish winner was a match five player in the main draw who collects €29,526.

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