The Five Biggest EuroMillions Winners of All Time

The news is all about the massive EuroMillions jackpot this week, one of the biggest of all time and because the EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190,000,000, the big winners soon stack up and records stay unbeaten. It’s an odd rule, and unreplicated around the world where jackpots just climb and climb.

In honour of the huge EuroMillions jackpot, today we’re looking back at the five biggest EuroMillions winners of all time, who they are and where they’re from.

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all time was won in Portugal on October 24th 2014. The winner remained anonymous, but due to the exchange rate between the UK and the euro zone, remains the biggest winner of all time.

The second biggest winner comes very close, and loses out slightly on the exchange rate as this ticket was sold in the UK. On Friday 10th August 2012, Adrian and Gillian Bayford became the biggest UK lottery winners of all time, collecting a jackpot worth a sterling amount of £148,656,000.

In third place are the Weirs who won the biggest EuroMillions jackpot the UK had ever seen, a year before the Bayfords win. They collected a sterling amount of £161,653,000, which although slightly more than the Bayfords, was a smaller euro jackpot that saw them win again on the exchange rate.

Fourth is an anonymous winner from France who collected a jackpot worth €169,837,010 on November 13th 2012.

And the fifth biggest jackpot ever won went to an anonymous Belgian player who scooped €168,085,323 on October 11th 2016!

These numbers are huge, but put the latest big EuroMillions jackpot well into the top five in the EuroMillions hall of fame!

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