Cancer Stricken Mum Becomes Canadian Lottery Millionaire

When Canadian mum of two, Diane Bishop was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer her prognosis was not good and she didn’t think there would be much to look forward to, but now she’s won a CA$1,120,000 lottery prize just before being told her cancer is responding to treatment!

The aspiring woman has breast cancer and it’s spread to her lung and pelvic bone. Things were not looking good but she did manage to get on a clinical trial. Then, she picked up at Atlantic Lottery scratchcard and won CA$1,120,000 lottery prize! Although grateful for the cash, Diane Bishop knows more than most that money does not buy good health, but then just two weeks after the win she received the news that her cancer is responding to treatment too!

The winner is aware that her cancer is incurable, sadly the win won’t buy back her good health, but the treatment will give her longer, and the lottery win will no doubt make any remaining time much more manageable and enjoyable. Diane Bishop is also a mum of two and the uncertainty has been causing a huge amount of anxiety. Now she’s thankful she’ll be home for Christmas and is hoping to get as much time as possible with her children.

It’s a bittersweet lottery win for the Canadian and sadly no win would be enough to give Diane Bishop back her health, but this win should make her remaining time as joyous as possible, and give her something to leave her children too.

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