Lotto Win Helps Couple Save Home

When Tony Pearce had a heart attack, his and his girlfriend Deb Gellatly’s life was changed forever, so much so they battled financial hardship and were looking to sell their beloved home. Then, they scooped £1,000,000 on the Lotto Raffle, giving them a much needed financial boost.

The couple have been together for more than thirty years and have been engaged for much of that time. However, they’ve always invested their money in sensible everyday things and have never been able to get married. They did however have a lovely home and were looking towards retirement when Tony had a cardiac arrest, throwing everything into disarray.

Unable to work, the couple were looking to sell their home and move to a cheaper part of the country, but they do like to play the Lotto online in the hope of a little luck. When Tony logged on to see what his win was, he assumed, as most people do it would be a couple of pound. When he realised the size of the win, he woke up Deb who looked at the phone and said ‘It’s a scam’ rolled over and went back to sleep.

Once Camelot had confirmed the win they were ready to celebrate and now plan to keep their bungalow, and finally end their 30-year engagement by marrying in the summer, and with Christmas just gone they will no doubt have had some exciting plans for the festive season too.

What a lovely story, and a turn of good luck for a couple who don’t sound like they’ve had much in recent times.

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