University Student Graduates to Millionaredom

Alex Best just graduated from the University of Bolton last September, hoping to have a career as a music producer. But now he’s graduated from the EuroMillions Hall of Fame too, collecting a £1,000,000 Millionaire Maker prize!

The 21-year old loves music, but three years at university have taken their toll financially, and this can make chasing dreams difficult. However, this now won’t be a problem for the former student as he has enough cash in the bank to chase his dreams. He’s also planning to use the win to buy his first home, enjoy some holidays abroad and buy a new car (although he will have to pass his test first).

Alex had only popped into the shop to buy some bits for dinner, and picked up a couple of EuroMillions tickets while he was there. He popped the ticket away but didn’t check the results right away, leaving it until the next day. When he realised he had a match, he checked his numbers over and over, and could hardly believe he’d won. He said he was shaking life a leaf when he realised and asked his mum and step-dad to check the ticket again to confirm the win.

He took the ticket into store and said the entire machine made a jingle to say he was a big winner, and then it started to sink in. Pretty soon he’d contacted lottery officials and had the win officially confirmed, and now he’s got a bank balance that would make most students green with envy.

It’s a great story and just one of the many winning stories that come out of the UK every year. With the Lotto and EuroMillions both offering these big raffle prizes, there are some fantastic winning chances even if you don’t scoop the jackpot, as Alex Best found out.

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