Bristol Couple Become UK’s Oldest Lottery Winners

We hear a lot about the biggest lottery winners, and even those who have won the most times, but now we think we have the story of the UK’s oldest lottery winners as an octogenarian couple pick up a Lotto win worth £18,000,000!

The pair, Dennis and Shirley Banfield collected the win at a Gloucestershire hotel and spoke through tears of joy of collecting such a life-changing prize. The couple intend on sharing the prize with their daughters, who they appreciate will benefit the most from the big Lotto win, scooped when they matched all the numbers from a Lucky Dip ticket on the UK National Lottery.

The morning after they bought the Lucky Dip, Shirley Banfield read the numbers out to her husband, declaring that they were so odd, who could possibly have them, to which she replied ‘I do!”

When talking about what they might spend their win on they said they may replace their small car, but probably not with anything too fancy, and they are considering swapping their three-bedroom home of 57 years for a more convenient bungalow.

Given the couple’s advanced age, the most important thing to them is wanting to share the lottery win with their two daughters. The couple intend on splitting the win three ways, giving each daughter £6,000,000, and keeping the same amount for themselves.

It just goes to show, you just never know when Lady Luck will strike, and even if you’ve played the lottery for years you could end up being the oldest every lottery winner at some time in the future.

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