Massive US Powerball Winner is from Pennsylvania

Last week the eighth biggest lottery prize in US Powerball history was won after a single player matched all the numbers in a $456,700,000 draw. The ticket matched all the white balls, and that red Powerball scooping the lot and becoming one of the biggest winners ever seen on the draw.

Now the news has been released that the winning ticket was sold in Pennsylvania, though no other details of the winner are yet known. This week, the Powerball announced where the winning ticket was sold, urging players to check tickets carefully so the winners, who has not yet come forward, can be found.

Interestingly the Pennsylvania lottery requires lottery winners to be named, so when this winner comes forward they won’t have any anonymity. The lottery say they have this rule in place to ensure transparency and integrity. A similar situation happened in New Hampshire for a January lottery win and that player successfully went to court to keep her name private, this Pennsylvania winner could face a similar legal hurdle if he or she wishes to remain anonymous.

If you were chasing this big jackpot, then sadly it has now been won but there is still plenty to play for if you’re an American Lottery player. The other multi-state lottery, the Mega Millions is still climbing after weeks without a jackpot winner and this week there’s an estimated $458,000,000 on offer.

Changes to lottery rules have created some of the biggest jackpots the world has ever seen in the US, and that’s clear when you consider that neither the Powerball winner, or the Mega Millions jackpot are even close to being record prizes.

If you bought Powerball tickets in Pennsylvia over St Patrick’s Day weekend, check them now!

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