Grandmother Almost Binned $10,000,000 Winning Ticket

A grandmother from Perth, Australia, almost missed out on a $10,000,000 lottery win after nearly throwing away the winning ticket with some old receipts. The unnamed player had purchased the ticket using her Lotterywest membership but had no idea she had won. Thankfully, the organisation got in touch with her before she tossed the tickets out.

The winner says she buys a few tickets each week, but this one had got mixed up with some receipts in an old envelope. As she is a member, Lotterywest contacted her, urging her to look for the ticket, when she found it she realised she was a $10,000,000 winner.

Understandably, she’s thrilled about the win and intends on sharing the prize money with her children and grandchildren. She says she really hasn’t had time yet for the news to sink in. She doesn’t yet know what she will do with her winnings, but she’s already thinking about home renovations and holidays.

Sadly the news isn’t so great for another big winner from Victoria. In January, a winner from the area scooped a $55,000,000 win, but despite an extensive hunt for the winner, no one has come forward to claim. It’s the largest unclaimed prize in Australia’s history and has been causing quite a stir, but still no one has come forward to claim. The Victoria ticket was sold at Scole Lotto & News in Brunswick in Melbourne and the winner now only has a short time to claim before the six-month deadline is up.

Hopefully that ticket hasn’t been thrown out with some old receipts!

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