Man Wins Lottery on Day He Retires

We all hope for a prosperous retirement, no one wants all that freedom that retiring brings with no cash to enjoy it. Ping Kuem Shum decided to retire on his birthday on 28th April, giving him two things to celebrate in one day but the things to celebrate grew as he won a lottery jackpot on the same day too!

The Vancouver man was in high spirits from his birthday and the last day of his working life and it was soon to become the best day ever. Mr Ping scooped a massive C$2,000,000, plenty to enjoy his retirement with.

The lucky winner celebrated by sitting down to a meal of dim sum with his family and friends and now that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation have paid out his win, he says he’s looking forward to sharing his good fortune with his family.

The lucky winner is planning a trip to China with his newly acquired retirement nest egg and after years of working hard can now enjoy not only his retirement and pension, but this fantastic lottery win too.

Mr Ping matched all the winning numbers in the draw, netting C$2,000,000 on what might have been the best day of his life. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation congratulated him on his win, but did not disclose Mr Ping’s age or the occupation he has retired from.

Retirement day, finally free from the constraints of work must be a fantastic feeling but for Mr Ping, it really did become the first day of the rest of his life after this fantastic win.

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