Nurses Syndicate Scoops £1,000,000

I think we can all agree that nurses are overworked and underappreciated within our underfunded NHS, they’re the angels who ensure that everything runs smoothly and they don’t always get much credit. Well it seems for one group of nurses, Lady Luck wanted to show her appreciation as a syndicate of nurses scooped a £1,000,000 lottery prize.

The syndicate from Cleland Hospital in Motherwell has fifteen members and they have been playing together for three years. Last week they struck big, not with a jackpot but with the correct Millionaire Maker code, netting them £1,000,000.

The win means the group each pockets £66,666, which might not be a fund that would allow you to quit your job and travel the world, but is life changing to say the least. Almost all of them spoke of holidays when asked what they would treat themselves to with their win, with favourite locations being Canada, Sri Lanka, and luxury cruises. Several stated that they’d like new cars and one even intends to buy a motorbike with the win.

June Fraser is the syndicate member tasked with checking the results each week, and she used the National Lottery app to check the winning numbers on Saturday morning. She scanned the first ticket to discover it wasn’t a winner, and almost never scanned the second, believing it to be for the next draw. She soon realised it had been for the previous draw and upon scanning it the app told her it was a £1,000,000 winning ticket.

Assuming the app was broken or defective, June checked the tickets by hand and is now part of a £1,000,000 syndicate winning group!

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