Slough Couple Becomes National Lottery’s 5,000th Millionaire

A couple from Slough have scooped a Lotto win worth a massive £21,000,000 and in doing so have become the National Lottery’s 5,000th millionaire.

Donna and David Stickley from Slough play the Lotto every week with Donna collecting a ticket on her way home from work every Friday. However, last week they didn’t check the results and so it was a full week before anyone checked the tickets. Donna checked the ticket a week late and then was told to call Camelot, it wasn’t until they did so that they realised the size of their lottery win. Originally Donna thought the couple had won £2,000,000 but after rechecking discovered it was actually £21,000,000!

When they contacted lottery officials to verify their win they discovered it was indeed correct, and not only had they become the latest Lotto winners in the UK, but they are the National Lottery’s 5,000th millionaire.

The couple have been together for twenty years but only recently got married, they have no children and haven’t yet decided what to spend their cash on, though David did joke about buying some new pots and pans at the National Lottery press conference! The couple did say they were keen to ensure their parents are looked after as they aren’t in good health, and £21,000,000 should pay for the best care possible.

So when you think that winning the lottery is a once in a lifetime experience, it is, but with 5,000 winners in the UK so far and many more to come, it could be you…. Eventually!

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