Have We Found the Luckiest Place in Ireland to Work?

A lottery syndicate from Hurley’s SuperValu in Middleton, Co. Cork in Ireland have just scooped a lottery win worth €62,271, and while that wouldn’t usually be a story in itself, it’s the second winning syndicate from the company in recent weeks! Now people are wondering if it’s Ireland’s luckiest place to work as a twist of fate sees two separate lottery syndicates win big at the same firm.

Nine weeks ago a group at the firm shared a lottery prize worth a massive €219,472, shared between ten syndicate members. It was a massive win, but didn’t include all of the staff at the firm. Upon hearing about the win, some of the other staff set up a new syndicate, inspired by the luck of their colleagues and now the second group has scooped a big win too!

The second win was worth €62,271 and goes to a completely different syndicate to the first one, but all based in the same workplace, SuperValu in Middleton, Co. Cork. This win comes just nine weeks after the first syndicate win and now people are asking if SuperValu is the luckiest place in Ireland to work. This syndicate will receive more than €6,200 each, which is quite the bonus and they are thrilled at their good fortune.

We often hear unusual stories about lottery wins, but this might be the first time two separate syndicates have won big at the same place of work, in such a short time too. What a fantastic winning story from the Irish Lotto.

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