Australian Man Wins Lotto Three Times in 17 Days

You can file this under things that are virtually unheard of! Former Undertaker Carlos Massetti wasn’t having the best time in life after his marriage broke up but now he has plenty to celebrate after a string of lottery wins.

The man, from the Bondi area of Australia was a AUS$l,000,000 division one prize winner on Monday May 7th and then just five days later scooped another AUS$1,457,000 in a feat that is virtually unheard of. However, if that wasn’t incredible enough just twelve days after the double win he also scooped $48,000 in a Powerball draw!

Massetti checks his numbers on the Lotto app and when he realised he had won $1,000,000 he broke down and cried. It was 12 hrs before he could confirm the win with lottery officials and he says they were 12 long and sleepless hours.

Fast forward five days and Massetti scored his second win, even bigger than the first. His numbers came up on a system 10 entry, earning him a further $1,457,000! He stated he was much calmer about the second win and spent time thinking about how it could positively change his life.

Then just a few days later, he won an extra $48,000 on the Powerball Lottery, surely making him one of the biggest Australian Lottery winners of all time!

He had originally decided to remain anonymous, but when he pledged $50,000 to Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital so it could buy a vital piece of equipment he felt coming forward might inspire others to share their wealth.

We’ve heard of lottery winners scooping two jackpots in a lifetime, but three substantial wins in 17 days is virtually unheard of.

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