Kansas Shop Staff Praised for Finding $1,000,000 Lottery Winner

Shop staff in Kansas have been praised for their integrity after tracking down a $1,000,000 lottery winner after they left the shop without their ticket. The ticket was brought into the Pit Stop convenience store in the city of Salina, Kansas to be checked. The winner handed staff member Andy Patel two tickets and asked him to check them, both tickets were losers.

However, after the man left the shop, Mr Patel saw a third ticket on the counter and when he checked it, it was confirmed that the ticket was a $1,000,000 winner. He immediately called the son of the shop’s owners, who jumped into his car to search for the man, this attempt failed.

After hearing a description of the man he realised he was a regular customer and so went out to search again. Eventually he saw the winner driving home and managed to stop them, upon showing them the ticket they realised they were winners and could hardly believe it.

He suggested that virtue had been its own reward and the praise they received was worth it. He believes that good deeds come back to help you, and bad deeds come back to haunt you, and this can certainly be listed under very generous good deed.

If you were in doubt about the level of integrity people have in today’s world then hopefully this fantastic story has restored your faith in human nature, in not only an honest act, but going above and beyond to locate the winner and ensure he got his prize.

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