Gardener Scoops £3,000,000 on Lotto Scratchcard Win

A chat about a lucky parking spot led to a £3,000,000 scratchcard win for one lucky Lotto player last week. After discussing with a friend and his girlfriend about how difficult it is to start your own business due to lack of funding, James Evans said that if there was a parking spot outside his local shop he’d take it as a sign and buy a scratchcard. As he drove past there was a spot and so he pulled in and bought a handful of scratchcards, one of those was a winner and now James and his girlfriend are £3,000,000 richer.

James was helping a friend move some building supplies when the conversation took place and even joked that a win would mean he could buy a new digger and trailer. Well, he’ll be able to buy a lot more than that now after this win.

The first scratchcard James played was not a winner, the second was the £250, Cash Spectacular. As James scratched off the ticket he matched number 17 and when he looked at the winning total he thought his mind was playing tricks on him.

Now the couple plan to fulfil their dream of moving to Cornwall buying a house with some nice land. He intends on using some of the cash to establish a maintenance business, and will finally get that new digger and trailer too!

He’s hoping his luck will spread to his beloved England football team, securing them a World Cup win in Russia and is also intending on travelling out for the final if England make it.

It’s a fantastic win and more than one would ever expect from a scratchcard, and a fantastic winning story too!

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