National Lottery Winner Thanks Shopper for Kindness

A National Lottery winner who has just claimed a £1,000,000 prize is thanking another shopper who let him go first to buy his tickets. Arron Walshaw from Ossett, West Yorkshire, won the Lotto Raffle prize last Wednesday, but almost missed the deadline for the draw. After seeing him rush to the counter, another customer let him go first — without that he’d have missed the deadline, and now he’s celebrating his £1,000,000 win.

Mr. Walshaw had won a free Lucky Dip ticket from the previous National Lottery draw and used this free entry to buy his ticket, which went on to win the £1,000,000. Not a bad return from a free lottery ticket. Now, Arron Walshaw and his fiancée Ceri Hall are planning their dream wedding.

Walshaw is convinced that without the kindness of the previous shopper, insisting he went first in the queue, he would never have won the prize. Earlier in the evening, Arron and his fiancée had counted up their collection of pennies and were thrilled to discover they had £50 for a camping trip, and now he’s a millionaire. It really goes to show that with a winning lottery ticket, your fortunes can change in just a moment!

A £1,000,000 National Lottery Raffle prize is quite the life-changing win and a twist of good fortune and a kind lady ensured that Arron Walshaw got his, and all with a free Lucky Dip ticket too.

It’s also worth noting here that the National Lottery has just announced that Raffle prizes are the most common prizes to be unclaimed, so make sure you check the main draw numbers AND the Raffle results if you’re hoping to be as lucky as Arron.

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