Boxing Coach Donates Scratchcard Win to Community Projects

When an unnamed boxing coach from Waterford in Ireland won €50,000 on an Irish Lotto scratchcard he was thrilled and immediately knew what he wanted to do with the money, ploughing it into community projects in his local area.

The delighted winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, collected the prize at National Lottery HQ in Dublin last week. He won €50,000 on the All Cash Platinum Scratch Card purchased at the Amber service station on Brown Road in Waterford City.

It’s a life changing sum, especially for a scratchcard win, and could buy him new cars, holidays, and home improvements but he’s announced that he intends to use most of it to fire up youth projects that will benefit his community and keep young people off the street in Waterford City.

As a boxing coach he already invests heavily in the youth within his community and understands more than many how vital it is to provide activities for teenagers, keeping them off the streets and into safe and positive environments, and this €50,000 will be a big investment towards that.

Now he says after collecting his winnings from National Lottery HQ, he intends on banking the cheque, sitting down and drawing up a proper plan of action on how he can use the money to create projects for the young people of Waterford City.

It’s a fantastic winner’s story and we think it’s amazing that this winner wants to use almost all his winnings to improve his local area in the most selfless way possible, and all while remaining anonymous too.

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