California Syndicate Scoops $543,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

A lottery syndicate made up of eleven workers from the Wells Fargo & Co branch in California just hit the big time, scooping the end of July Mega Millions jackpot worth a staggering $543,000,000.

The workers scooped the prize late in July, according to an unnamed worker who was not part of the syndicate, but the actual winners have chosen to remain anonymous.

The prize is a record smashing prize, the largest prize ever to be won on a single state ticket in California said officials on Friday night.

One person in the eleven-strong syndicate has been identified as Ronald Reyes who said he works in the financial industry. He bought the tickets at Ernie’s Liquor and the store will receive a $1,000,000 reward for selling the winning stuff. Reyes stated that buying the tickets was a “spur of the moment” decision. The eleven strong group, which ranges in age from 21 through to 60 decided to chip in $2 a piece, creating the syndicate on a whim.

It’s said that the group all plan to keep their jobs at Wells Fargo & Co as they all love working for the company and love what they have built there. Whether that decision sticks once the win sinks in is still to be seen, as all syndicate members will have to come to terms with what is a massive life-change, as fantastic as the win is.

Each member of the syndicate would receive a share of around $50,000,000, but this is likely to be reduced when they inevitably choose the lump sum and pay taxes on the win.

The Mega Millions has been climbing for weeks and here we have our winners!

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