Torn Up Lottery Ticket Wins £58,000,000

When Fred Higgins from Aberdeenshire went to check his lottery results from the 10th July EuroMillions draw he popped into his local shop. The shopkeeper checked the ticket on the machine, declaring it was not a winner. The assistant ripped the ticket in two and threw it into the bin, and then the lottery machine told them to contact Camelot and they had to retrieve the ticket from the bin.

Fred then took the two parts of the lottery ticket home to find out how much the torn lottery ticket was worth, it was then that Fred Higgins and his wife Lesley discovered they had won the jackpot, a prize worth a staggering £58,000,000!

Thankfully Camelot accepted the torn ticket and now the couple have collected a winning EuroMillions cheque worth £57,975,367!

The couple are regular players of the EuroMillions Lottery and buy tickets for every Tuesday and Friday draw. They didn’t say if they intended on continuing to play but if they do they may want to start checking their own results and not relying on the machine.

It sounds as though there was just a slight delay on this lottery terminal, possibly due to a slow internet connection. Thankfully it didn’t make any difference to the win the Higgins’ received but it does highlight the importance of checking your own numbers carefully. If you buy lottery tickets online then you will always be contacted by email if you’re a winner, but if you buy paper tickets like this couple, it’s best to check the results with a reliable source to see yourself whether you’re a winner before you take your tickets to the store.

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