South African Powerball Winner Stabbed Brother Over Win

It’s been reported that a winner of the South African Powerball has fought with his brother over the win, ending in one of them being stabbed. A man from Durban, South Africa was arrested late last week after his brother was stabbed in the face following an altercation over the win.

A team of officers was sent to the man’s home in Durban on Saturday night, arresting the accused after the stabbing. It is understood that the altercation happened after one brother won a sum on the South African Powerball, refusing to share his winnings with his brother. The win was not a jackpot win, and is understood to be worth R20,000, but it was enough to cause a serious fight.

According to a statement, the relative left the home after an argument over the lottery win being shared, returned with a knife and stabbed his brother in the face before fleeing the scene. It’s not known whether the brothers were in an unofficial syndicate of whether they had ever discussed sharing any future wins. Officers apprehended the suspect a few streets away, recovering the knife at the scene. The incident was serious enough for the man to need medical attention but his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

We often hear about lottery wins causing family feuds but this is the first time we’ve ever heard about a lottery win causing someone to be stabbed in the face. Hopefully the brothers relationship will recover from this misfortune and the winner will still be able to enjoy his South African Powerball windfall.

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