Lotto Aunt and Nephew Reach Deal Over Lottery Feud

A woman and her nephew from Nova Scotia who won a $1,200,000 lottery jackpot have finally resolved the feud over sharing the win. The pair scooped $1,200,000 earlier this year on a ticket containing both Barbara Reddick and Tyrone MacInnis’ name.

Upon claiming the win, Barbara Reddick looked incredibly unhappy collecting the cheque and soon afterwards sued her nephew for his half of the $1,200,000 jackpot. Now a court has ruled that she will take home $872,639, the bulk of the win, while her nephew will collect the remaining $350,000. Both parties are said to be happy with the settlement.

The ticket was for a Chase the Ace draw in rural Nova Scotia and contained both their names. However, Reddick claimed that she has never promised to split the jackpot with her nephew, only adding his name to the ticket for good luck.

When spotted looking unhappy at the winners’ ceremony in July her first statement was to say she was going to take her nephew to court and since then the entire case has been in the hands of the lawyers. Last month a judge froze half of the win, making it impossible for money to be spent until the dispute was resolved and now that has finally happened this month.

The pair are said to have mutually reached the agreement on how the win would be shared to avoid further court proceedings and bring the matter to a conclusion. They now say they are looking forward to enjoying their share of the win and putting the feud behind them.

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