Perth Syndicate Shares $10,000,000 Oz Lotto Prize

A lottery syndicate from Albany, Perth in Australia has claimed an Oz Lotto jackpot worth a staggering $10,000,000 this week, making a life-changing win for each of them.

The twenty-two strong syndicate is a group of strangers who decided to play together four years ago over coffee. The group started a daily coffee club and meet most mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee and throw in $10 for their weekly lottery tickets on the Oz Lotto.

Over the past four years they have all become close friends and now each of them will collect $457,000 and they’ll have plenty of friends to celebrate their good fortune with too.

The syndicate members said the reaction to the massive win was a mixture of shock and disbelief once news of the win started to spread and some of them were literally jumping up and down with excitement. There are a lot of syndicate members and so lots of plans too, but these include early retirement, paying off mortgages and helping family, with one syndicate member saying that she’ll now be able to pay for her daughter to go through university.

It just goes to show, playing the lottery can be a life changing game and with $10,000,000 to share around, who better to share it with than close friends?

We love hearing about syndicate wins, and lottery syndicates are a fantastic way of boosting your winning chances. Why not get together with friends or family and create your own syndicate? You never know, you could be the next big syndicate winners!

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