A Year on Welsh Lottery Winner Still Driving Old Car

A EuroMillions winner from Wales who scooped more than £4,000,000 on the lottery is still driving around in her fifteen year old car, and hasn’t moved house, more than a year after the win.

Julie Amphlett from Neath was one of a six-strong syndicate of catering staff at Neath Port Talbot hospital who won a share of a EuroMillions jackpot, collecting €4,000,000 last November. And now a year after the win, she has made hardly any life changes and instead prefers to keep life simple.

Despite now being a millionaire, she is still driving her fifteen year old Honda Civic, and hasn’t yet moved house as she says she can’t find anywhere she likes.

Mrs Amphlett says that while she appreciates the win, her life hasn’t changed dramatically as she tries to keep it normal. She says her relationship with her friends hasn’t changed at all, and she even still shops in the same stores she used before the win.

The one big change she has made is quitting work and that has been fantastic, she says “Of course I could if I wanted to but it is nice to stay in bed on those cold mornings.” And really time is the most precious thing you could ever have, so maybe she’s been quite sensible.

The 51-year old says she has bought her son a house and helped out the family but she hasn’t spent any money on herself. She could move house but worries she wouldn’t then know anyone if she moved. Earlier this year Mrs Amphlett test drove an Aston Martin but it was a little scary so she’s still getting around in her Honda.

She says she thinks she’s more careful with money now than before and certainly seems to have a very sensible approach to being a lottery winner. Other winners from the syndicate have moved house, travelled the world and even got married, but Julie Amphlett says she’s more than happy as she is.

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