Massive EuroMillions Jackpot yet to be Claimed

A week ago a single ticket sold in the UK matched all the numbers in the EuroMillions draw, netting one lucky Brit £73,000,000. However, despite more than a week passing since the draw, no one has come forward to claim.

The winning ticket matched all five winning numbers in the draw, 5, 15, 17, 37 and 44, and the two Lucky Stars 7 and 11, but despite 9 days passing no one has yet contacted lottery offices.

The National Lottery are now urging players to double check any lottery tickets they may have lying around and to check last weekend’s numbers even more carefully. Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at the National Lottery is quoted as saying “Instead of enjoying their massive £76 million windfall, the lucky ticket-holder has already let a week slip by and may be going about their everyday routine completely unaware of their amazing change of fortune”.

If no one comes forward by this weekend then Camelot will announce the area that the ticket was sold in, in the hope of triggering someone’s memory and jolting the winner into action.

While it’s unlikely this ticket will go completely unclaimed, if it does it will be the biggest unclaimed EuroMillions prize ever, beating a £63,800,000 prize that went unclaimed back in 2012. That prize was a jackpot winning ticket sold in the Stevenage area and the winner never came forward, let’s hope that Friday’s winner is soon driven to action and checks their lottery tickets.

If you bought tickets for last Friday’s EuroMillions draw, go and retrieve them right now and check the numbers against those listed above.

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