Couple Find Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning for Thanksgiving

We’ve all been there, the family are visiting, the house is full of clutter and the full deep clean is underway, but what most of us won’t do in this situation is find a lottery ticket worth $1,800,000. That’s what happened to Tina Ehrenberg and her husband when they were cleaning ready for family to visit this Thanksgiving after checking a stack of lottery tickets from her nightstand.

Mrs Ehrenberg was just making sure the house was spick and span before family visited and so moved a stack of lottery tickets from the nightstand. Upon checking the ticket there was one from 6th June, due to expire within two weeks, when she checked the ticket she found it was worth $1,800,000.

The couple checked the ticket over and over and decided it was definitely a winner and officially claimed the prize from the Louisiana Lottery Corporation. After state and federal taxes their win is worth around $1,300,000 and they plan to put the money away for their retirement rather than quitting work now. The couple say they don’t have any plans to do anything crazy with the cash and say the most fun is going to be depositing the cheque.

Another couple of weeks and this story could have played out very differently, offering an important lesson for players. If you play the lottery, whether that be the Louisiana Lottery or any lottery draw from around the world, make sure you check the results carefully or you could miss out on an important win. The Ehrenberg’s certainly had a lot more to be thankful for than usual this Thanksgiving!

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