Man Dreams He Wins Lottery, Scoops $1,000,00 the Next Day

We often hear lottery winners describe their good fortune as ‘a dream come true’ but for one lucky lottery winner, it really was a dream come true, quite literally. A Maryland man has pursued his dreams and won a $1,000,000 lottery jackpot after a dream told him he would win.

After dreaming he would win the lottery he decided to follow his instincts and bought a lottery ticket the very next day. The unnamed man who is a resident of Montgomery County told Maryland Lottery officials that his dream led him to visit the Crescent Convenience Store in Bethesda to buy a Max a Million Scratch off ticket.

The anonymous man went home and scratched off the ticket but was unable to understand the results on the ticket. This sent him to return back to the store to seek assistance and the store clerk confirmed that he had indeed won the $1,000,000 jackpot from the ticket.

Understandably the unnamed winner described himself as happy, happy, happy after the win and has now collected his bumper lottery win from Maryland Lottery officials.

After collecting the $1,000,000 the man explained to lottery officials that he would be using the cash to pay off his son’s college tuition and intends on putting the rest into savings.

It’s one of the more unusual lottery stories we’ve heard but its absolutely fantastic for this lucky Maryland man who dreamed of becoming a millionaire and then did.

So next time you think about winning the lottery being a dream come true, maybe it is!

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