Missouri Nurses Win Lottery Then Hand Winnings to Two Colleagues in Need

A group of nurses from Missouri organised a lottery pool for NICU staff at Mercy Children’s hospital in St Louis, Missouri. The nurses and staff at the neonatal intensive care unit have been pooling for the Mega Millions for years with varying success but now they’ve won $10,000!

It’s a fantastic story and a wonderful prize but it gets even better when you learn that instead of sharing the cash they have handed it to two colleagues in greater need than they are.

The $10,000 will be given to Gretchen Post whose 17-year-old son died by suicide on the night of the drawing, and Casey Orellana whose husband is battling cancer, and what would have been a small share each between a big group, has become a real meaningful amount for two people.

The group started the pool as a way to bring some levity, some fun to keep them going through some difficult days in work. When the jackpot grew to $1.6 billion, organiser Stephanie Brinkman stayed up late to watch the results come in, pretty soon she realised they had a winning ticket.

The staff chatted and decided to share the money between Gretchen Post for her son’s funeral and Dr Casey Orellana as her husband has been diagnosed with cancer, each of these women will now receive £3,600 after taxes instead of the win being shared out among the entire group.

It’s a lovely story and the two ladies who received the $10,000 are grateful for the gesture. The group will continue to lottery pool as a syndicate and maybe they’ll be rewarded with an even bigger win in the future, for now they are happy to have helped friends and colleagues through difficult times.

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