Big EuroMillions Winner Finally Claims

For weeks now the National Lottery has been putting out appeals for the £76,000,000 EuroMillions winner to come forward. The ticket was sold for the 2nd November EuroMillions draw, seven weeks ago but no one came forward to claim the prize.

Camelot released the details that the ticket was sold in the Boston and Skegness area and an appeal went out, specifically targeted at residents in that parliamentary constituency and they seemed to the do the job as the unnamed winner has now stepped up.

Lottery organisers say they are unable to release any further details of the winner unless they decide to go public, but we know they collected a cheque for £76,369,806 last week making them the twelve biggest lottery winner the UK has ever seen and securing their place in the EuroMillions hall of fame.

There’s no reason it’s taken them so long to claim, we don’t know whether they were deliberately sitting on the ticket to give them time to think, or whether the recent Camelot appeal for the winner triggered them to check the ticket. However, they do now have the prize and we can only imagine the kind of Christmas they will be looking forward to with this stupendous amount of cash in the bank!

It’s taken them so long to claim that the EuroMillions jackpot has rolled for weeks again since, with no winner for several weeks we could have another festive multi-millionaire!

As a final reminder, if you’re buying tickets over the busy festive season, make sure you keep them safe and remember where they are, or you could be the next big unclaimed winner!

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