Swiss Lotto Denies Jackpot Winner

A Swiss lottery player won a million and then lost it again when a televised lottery draw went catastrophically wrong. The draw took place on the Saturday before Christmas and is not the kind of Christmas surprise anyone could want!

Out of the draw machine came the name of Andreas Burkli, and that should have been a dream come true as German singer Herbert Gronemeyer announced him as the winner, but then Swiss public TV Channel SRF apologised and explained that a mistake had been made due to technical problems.

The Swiss Lottery promised they would make a new draw and the winner would find out after Christmas, but that’s no consolation to Burkli who went from millionaire and back in sixty seconds. Here’s how the show played out.

Winners paid 10 Swiss francs to enter and sent their tickets back to lottery operator Swisslos. Then as the show aired, Herbert Gronemeyer and TV host Robi Koller prepared for the draw with the names of winners rolling on a screen behind them. All ten potential winners in the draw had to be ready by their phones and new names were held in reserve in case someone was not contactable. Some confusion meant that too many names went into the drum, throwing out Burkli’s name incorrectly.

A Swisslos official apologised explaining that the draw had to be done manually due to technical problems, in the rush an extra name was added and drawn. However, officials were keen to reiterate that Burkli would not have won as he did not answer the telephone.

Whatever happened, it seems that Swisslos need to take a good look at their systems and ensure this kind of mistake doesn’t happen again in the future!

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