EuroMillions Winning Couple Thought Win Was a Scam

It’s easy to see how you might have trouble believing you were the winner of a lottery jackpot worth almost £115,000,000 and when one couple from Northern Ireland checked their EuroMillions results last weekend they were sure the match was a scam.

The couple, Frances and Patrick Connolly from Moira, Northern Ireland, are the latest big EuroMillions winners but when they checked their numbers and realised they had all matched, they thought there must be an issue. Then Mr Connolly checked the numbers on a different website and was convinced it was some kind of scam, upon checking a third site the numbers matched again, but it took until they spoke to lottery officials before they actually believed the win.

Once the win was finally confirmed the couple had a cup of tea to celebrate and made a plan to share the cash with their 50 closest friends and family. It’s a huge sum and sharing it around certainly eases the pressure of what to do with so much cash. The couple has three daughters and three grandchildren so there’ll be plenty of people to spoil along the way as they enjoy their win.

The couple rent a home currently and will now probably be keen to buy somewhere of their own. They have plenty of cash to do so, becoming the UK’s fourth biggest EuroMillions winner in history and taking their place in the Northern Ireland rich list.

The couple have been married for thirty years and say they have always been happy, although this win is likely to make them even happier.

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