$1 Lottery Winner Asks to be Presented with Giant Cheque

January is notoriously known as a dark and miserable month so anything that raises a smile or a little good cheer is more than welcome. That’s why we love this story about a lucky Iowa Lottery winner who won small, but wanted to be treated like a high-roller.

We all hope to get the chance of that big lottery win, a party at lottery offices and a giant cheque so when Tyler Heep from Urbandale in Iowa won $1 on the Iowa Lottery, he thought he’d go for a little lottery cheer! Heep asked officials at lottery HQ to present his cheque as though he was a big winner, and they were happy to oblige.

Speaking to NBC13 News, Tyler said he was treated like a baller, and after the request lottery officials treated him just like a million dollar winner. They came and presented Heep with a giant cheque for his $1 winnings, took him into a back room and took photographs for the press just as if he’d been a big winner.

Tyler says he didn’t take long to blow his winnings, splashing out on half a gallon of gas, and a local framing company Benjamin’s Custom Framing and Fine Art has even offered to frame the cheque for him so he can keep it forever.

It just goes to show you can make a big fuss over something very little, and the smallest wins can brighten your day. It’s one of the most unusual lottery stories we’ve ever heard but it’s certainly helped with a little January cheer.

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