Thief Buys Winning Lottery Ticket, Won’t Get Prize

A lottery winner has been refused her prize money after allegedly buying the winning ticket with a stolen credit card. The unnamed woman was on her way to the lottery offices in Canada when she was arrested on suspicion of stealing a wallet and credit card and accused of credit card fraud, it turns out that the stolen card may have been used to buy the winning ticket.

The lady’s winnings totalled CA$50,000 but the Atlantic Lottery Corporation said they would only pay out for lawfully required tickets. They said in a statement that the unclaimed prize account would go back into the draw for future winners.

The Police had been investigating a stolen wallet when they noticed that the victim’s credit card had been used to buy lottery tickets. Later, the suspect was identified through CCTV at a store in Newfoundland where the tickets were bought. The Royal Newfoundland Police stopped the vehicle in which the alleged thief was the passenger.

The driver was ticketed for driving with a suspended licence and driving without insurance and the passenger was charged with theft and suspected credit card fraud. Royal Newfoundland Police also impounded the vehicle and ordered both women to appear in court.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation say they will continue to monitor the situation in relation to the lottery win and will make a decision once the court case is completed.

It’s quite an unusual story, even if lottery crime isn’t that rare. We often hear stories of scratchcard and lottery tickets thefts, but to steal a credit card and then win a substantial amount of money with it, well that is a little more unusual and leaves us wondering if the credit card’s original owner may have a claim to the cash.

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