£76,000,000 EuroMillions Winner Buys Fleet of Supercars

We all dream about what we might do if we hit a big lottery jackpot, but for one EuroMillions winner the spending has been speedy! Andrew Clarke and his partner Trish Fairhurst scooped £76,000,000 on the EuroMillions lottery back in November, and Clarke has already invested in a fleet of supercars!

So far Andrew Clarke has spent an estimated £660,000 on a fleet of supercars including a &pound121,000 Porsche 911 Turbo and a McLaren worth £128,000. As n ex Formula 1 engineer, Andrew has always been a car nut but his new found fortune means he’s able to finally afford to fulfil his dreams!

His partner Trish prefers a more down to earth approach and will continue to drive the £20,000 Nissan Qashqai she purchased after the lottery win last year.

When the couple scooped the jackpot last year they didn’t even realise. Andrew Clarke left the ticket, unchecked sitting in his work van for seven weeks. The winner had a stack of unchecked tickets sitting in his visor of his van and it was only his wife nagging him that led him to take down the tickets and realise they were big winners.

In addition to his sports cars, the pair have bought a four bedroomed house worth £700,000 in Boston, Lincs since the win that includes an indoor pool and gym.

It’s a fantastic story. So often we hear about people winning huge sums of cash and then deciding not to make any major life changes, but Andrew Clarke seems to be grabbing life by the horns, pressing the gas pedal and taking off at speed!

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