Virginia Woman Wins Lottery Thirty Times in a Day

We often hear about people winning the lottery two or three times in a lifetime, it’s unusual but it does happen. However, we’ve never before heard a story about someone winning the lottery more than once in a day, until today of course!

Deborah Brown from Virginia kept seeing the numbers 1-0-3-1 in random places and the numbers gave her a good feeling. So she went into the Irongate Shell store near her home and bought twenty pick four lines all with the same numbers. It’s an unusual strategy given that the odds of matching the four numbers in order is around 10,000 to 1.

However, she had a favorable feeling, so good in fact that she headed back into the store later in the day and bought another ten lines with the same combination 1-0-3-1.

So now she’s holding thirty tickets with the same numbers, something most people would agree doesn’t increase your chances of winning at all, but she really had a good feeling about the numbers and this was her grand plan.

While she had a lucky feeling and some sixth sense about the numbers, Ms Brown said she nearly had a heart-attack when they actually came out, making her a winner thirty times over in a single day!

Matching all four numbers in the Pick 4 draw in the Virginia Lottery nets you a cool $5,000, which means with thirty winning tickets Deborah Brown just collected a cheque for $150,000! She’s thrilled, but has no immediate plans for the winnings but is considering some home improvements.

We definitely don’t recommend this method of buying tickets if you want to increase your chances of winning, but it certainly worked out for Deborah Brown.

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