Mechanic Wins $10,000,000 After Predicting He Would Win

A Grandfather from North Carolina who always predicted he would one day win the lottery has netted $10,000,000 on a scratchcard win. Theodore Duncan, aged 52 was always telling his friends and family that he would win the lottery one day and on Monday he picked up the winning scratchcard!

He was on his way to dump trash at the local landfill site on Monday when he stopped off and bought a scratchcard. He was completely stunned by his good luck, but also feels the win was written in the stars after he predicted he would one day win the lottery.

The machine mechanic, who buys three or four lottery tickets a week, now intends on retiring and enjoying his good fortune. He wants to spend the cash buying a brand new three bedroom house with a big pool. He also wants to use some of the cash to spoil his twelve grandkids, and would also like to give a charitable donation to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The winner opted for the lump sum, and after taxes collects $4,200,000. Recalling the moment he won he said he realised he had won and was shaking and shocked. The realisation sent him into panic and he couldn’t even drive home and had to get his brother to come and pick him up.

It’s a huge windfall for anyone, especially from a simple scratchcard win and we wish Theodore Duncan all the joy of winning this fantastic prize. And if you think that one day you’ll definitely be a big lottery winner, this story just shows there is hope for all of us!

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