Lottery Winner Quits Work, Three Months After Monster Win

A lottery winner in the UK has quit her job, three months after scooping a EuroMillions win worth £76,000,000! Andy Clark and his partner Trish Fairhurst hit the big time in December, after Andy realised a ticket that had been left in his van was a winner, but while he quit work and starting a supercar collection, she continued in her job in a hospital kitchen.

Despite the fact that she didn’t need the money, Trish Fairhurst said she liked to be busy, and didn’t want to let her work pals down. However, now, three months after the pair scooped this huge prize, she has finally decided to quit her role.

Sometimes it can take lottery winners a while to adjust to their new lifestyles and while Andy Clark threw himself into the winners’ lifestyle immediately, buying supercars including a Porsche and a McClaren, it’s taken his partner a little longer to adjust. She even bought a modest £20,000 Nissan Qashqai from the win, not wanting to splash out on anything bigger or more expensive.

While Trish has been a little more modest, Andy is already annoying neighbours revving up his supercars on the dual carriageway near his home. The road is only a 50mph stretch but it’s the only place he can get up any speed and families near by are saying they are getting fed up with him parading his cars.

It always takes a while to adjust to a new lifestyle, even one that has changed for the better and it could be that a new home will be on the horizon soon! Hopefully somewhere where no one will mind Andy driving his high performance cars nearby.

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