EuroMillions ‘Curse’ Hits Britain’s Biggest Lottery Winners

It’s long been said that there is a EuroMillions curse as so many marriages crumble after big wins. However, it seemed that Britain’s biggest lottery winners, Colin and Christine Weir had escaped the curse and have appeared to have coped well with their monster win back in 2011, but this week the couple said that ‘with regret’ they were separated and had been living apart for quite some time.

Colin and Christine Weir hit the news back in 2011 when they claimed a EuroMillions jackpot worth a staggering £161,000,000, the biggest ever won in the UK. They used the cash to improve their lives and even made huge donations to the Scottish Independence Campaign, but now eight years after their win they have announced that they are to divorce.

They follow other couples to announce their separation after the big win, possibly most notably Adrian and Gillian Bayford who separated less than a year after winning a £148,000,000 jackpot.

Winning the lottery can be a life-changing event, but even though the win should be good news, life changes can be hard to deal with, even if those changes are for the better. We’ve seen a raft of lottery winners such as Callie Rogers, Jane Parks, John McGuinness, and Michael Carroll who have all said the win ruined their lives, showing that good fortune doesn’t always signify good times ahead. Adjusting to a big win can be difficult and traumatic, and as lottery jackpots get bigger and the media takes an interest, it can be a difficult time for many.

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