Lottery Winner Must Pay Back Winnings and More after Money Laundering

A millionaire lottery winner has been ordered to hand over her assets as part of a money laundering probe according to reports from the National Crime Agency. The agency stated that three people had been ordered to forfeit a staggering £6,000,000 in assets as part of an investigation into Jonathan Nuttall, a businessman from Romsey in Hampshire.

His wife Amanda Nuttall scooped £2,500,000 on the National Lottery in 2008 but it’s said that her husband Jonathan Nuttall, laundered money and structured his wealth through her, using her lottery win as a cover for his activities.

The pair shared a £2,000 a week flat in Belgravia in London and hired private jets for holidays in Cannes and Dubai. It’s also said that they shopped at Harrods, built a swimming pool at their countryside home and invested in pubs, hotels, and even a £100,000 Bentley. All of these assets have now been seized as part of the investigation.

In addition to the Nuttall’s, property developer Eric Grove, 89, of Solihull, West Midlands and London Barrister Timothy Becker, 55 have also had to forfeit their asset as part of the investigation.

Andy Lewis head of asset denial at the National Crime Agency said that : “Jonathan Nuttall amassed considerable wealth as a result of his and others’ unlawful conduct. He is not himself a party to the claim. That is because he structured his business affairs so that he didn’t hold any of the recoverable property himself, leaving everything in the name of his wife and others.”

The National Crime Agency stated that Mr Nuttall’s alleged activities first came to light during another investigation of a convicted drug smuggler, Amir Azam from whom £4,000,000 of assets were recovered.

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