Vamos! Spanish baker takes off with his £105m EuroMillions jackpot

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Spainsh winner disappears after EuroMillions jackpot

Francisco Delgado Rodriguez won £105,892,179 (€121,019,633) on the EuroMillions lottery back on Friday 13th May, 2011 to become one of the biggest ever winners of the European-wide lottery.

Rodriguez came from Pilas in Seville and was 30 years of age when he hit the jackpot to become one of the richest men in Spain overnight. It brought him unprecedented fame across the country and little did he know then but the win could not have been more perfectly timed with Spain imminently about to enter one of its darkest economic periods.

The 30 year old man was working as a baker in his local town when he won the huge jackpot prize. He bought his ticket along with a group of friends at the Nervion Plaza with each friend picking a separate set of numbers. Rodriguez was the lucky one out of all his friends that just so happened to pick the correct numbers.


Shortly after winning the EuroMillions jackpot, Rodriguez and his family shocked his local area, friends and family by closing down his bakery on Murillo Street suddenly and leaving the town of Pilas with his fortune. He left few answers and even less clues as to where he had left for. It was a business that had been handed down from father to son for generations but the EuroMillions win was too large for Rodriguez and his family to carry on working and living as normal.

One friend of the family said “The people are very fond of Delgado. They have always been hard workers.”


Since Rodriguez and his family left the bakery, superstitious passers by have been touching the door to the closed bakery hoping that, by touching the former front door of the EuroMillions winner’s property, they will be “spreading the wealth”.

Little is known about where Rodriguez and his family are now but rumours amongst the local community have suggested a number of possibilities. It was well know that Rodriguez was a big fan of Formula 1 and some believe he and his family have invested in some expensive cars as a treat. Others believe that the family have moved to Madrid where they have been welcomed by the Bank of Spain.

Whatever Rodriguez is doing and wherever he is right now, he has successfully created perhaps one of the most intriguing and mysterious EuroMillions wins since its inception. Surely it won’t be too long before rumours spiral out of control and suspicions of foul play in the disappearance of the Rodriguez begin to materialise. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but if an uneducated baker from Seville can become a millionaire in an instant then surely anything is possible. The Rodriguez story is certainly a rags to riches tale that helps to make the EuroMillions such a romantic game to play.

Francisco’s £105,892,179 prize was one of the largest jackpot wins for an individual on the EuroMillions, but falls short of the £161,653,000 won by Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir in 2011.

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